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Our Services

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Wiresless Acoustic Respiratory Systems (WARS)

The WARS sensor and applicable research focuses on advanced biofeed technology and sensory application as it relates to chronic breathing disorders...

StressPod Analyzer (SPA)

The SPA arm wearable sensor and applicable research focuses on long range wireless biofeedback technology, early response reporting, and sensory application as it relates to psychometric data analysis resultig from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...

Emergency Audio Responder (EAR)

The EAR dongle and audio device accessory research focuses on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as it relates to emergency response and high audible sounds impacting pedestrian application, while providing automated audio interruption in the event emergency siren or extremely elevated noise detection...


The e-Health open source software application, research, and collaborative development program advances research in the integration of medical device data collection of non-related health monitoring tools allowing single source data monitoring...

Mechancial CAD (MCAD)-Electrical CAD (ECAD) Prototyping

The MCAD-ECAD application, prototyping, and adanced reserch focuses on fully functional electrical and electronic design utilizing computer aided design tools. This form of digital prototyping fully emulates circuit board technology, related faults, feasibility, and enclosure integration to provide actual electronic design replication in virtual application...

Part Design

Advanced application in 2D, 3D, solid modeling, and virtual stress testing allows continued development and research in the areas of part design utilizing 3D pringting solutions...

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Our Services

TRS offers a wide variety of services geared to advance the knowledge, public awareness, and the application of cutting edge technologies. Our services combine academia, professional experience, and public service contribution. The offerings we provide are centered around our 5 core services:

TRS supports academic advancement through the promotional of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our organization provides real world learning opportunities for scholars pursing careers strengthened by STEM application. Academic researchers take advantage of academic and industry mentorship programs.

Systems Engineering
Engineers at TRS are skilled in the complete lifecycle systems engineering application which include requirements management, software development, hardware development, systems integration, verification & validation, and design solutions.

Internal Research & Development
TRS offers corporations a cost effective, and quality solution for outsourcing Internal Research & Development (IRAD) programs. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment for development and analysis of electronic applications.

Talent Outsourcing
TRS provides talent outsourcing. Our talent outsourcing program allows customers a cost effective solution for utilizing our engineers on your active projects. The TRS talent outsourcing solution provides a low cost time and material alternative, while eliminating employer staffing challenges, and training overhead.

TRS's team of scientist, engineers, and industry professionals aid corporations with market penetration by delivering complete commercialization strategies that provide technical, and market based analytics needed to effectively produce a product and enter the target market.


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